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Our conveyor solutions are found in more than 1, locations. We supply conveyor solutions ranging from small scale manual systems to large scale PLC controlled robotics systems for use in production.

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One of our specialties is manual and fully automatic conveyor lines for use in industrial painting applications. Regardless of the industry, we supply efficient and cost-effective solutions for internal transport, including:.

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Clicking an input port on a building will create a belt that moves items into the building. Otherwise, the belt will run from the starting point to the ending point.

You can place belts on a structure. By placing the starting point of the belt on a terrain or foundation, you can end the belt on top of a building such as splitters or containers. You can even stack belts on belts directly, without Conveyor Pole Stackable. The conveyor belts can be used to move players around. The player moves faster than the items on the belt, strangely.

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Belts can be built temporarily for exploration, such as acquiring Power Slugs. The edges of the belt do not move the player, so they can be used to walk against the motion of the belt. Trying to land a belt on the edge of the cliff or thin structures such as on power cables will result in this message.

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Usually moving your cursor around would solve the problem. The length limit for conveyor belt is 48 meters and it is counted in 3-dimensional length. To fly over the belt across large gaps it is advised to build a bridge out of foundations or walkways first. It is possible to cross belts, as belts do not collide with each other.

Belts can also pass through other objects such as terrain, trees, walls, foundation, etc. Belt cannot pass through splitters, mergers, factory buildings and power poles. Conveyor belts can be used as a means of transportation around the map. By using a conveyor ramp and the Jetpack , one can travel long distances with little to no setup efforts.

Belts Mk. Approximate movement speeds for a player standing still on a conveyor belt are given in a table below. Sign In. From Satisfactory Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Immediate replacement is not required and the main maintenance activities can be postponed and carried out during a planned outage.

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Biomass Power Plants. Waste To Energy. Forging Plants.

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