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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional classification system of planet types.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Pocket Books. Block Now, maybe there could be some freakish property of that region of the Delta Quadrant that created a lack of deuterium except on Class-Y planets. But hydrogen, even deuterium, is extremely lightweight, so hydrogen on a planet's surface or interior would tend to outgas and escape into space unless the planet was either very, very massive or very, very cold.

The demon planet was neither of those things, so it should've lost all its deuterium ages ago. Also the talk about "liquid deuterium" was screwy.

Liquid hydrogen could only exist at immensely cold temperatures or immensely high pressures, and again, neither of those conditions were met here. Now, maybe they meant a liquid compound containing deuterium, but the most common such compound is heavy water. Nobody would call water "liquid hydrogen. Of course, this isn't the writer's fault. Andre Bormanis, who wrote the episode, was the show's science advisor, and he knows what deuterium is. He actually intended the precious substance on the planet to be dilithium.

I think it was Braga who changed it to deuterium because he liked the gag about the ship "running out of gas.

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Christopher , Aug 3, I don't find any of the issues mentioned here to be detrimental to the story. Trek technology is all made up anyway, so I don't get too worked up if bits of it are inconsistent. Smiley , Aug 3, It said the native environment was lethally hostile and corrosive, that even spacesuited people couldn't survive it for long. It said that Tom and Harry's suits were starting to rupture and let in the toxic atmosphere. And yet we later were told that somehow the suits had survived completely intact for hours with no harm coming to Tom and Harry, just because of some sort of "backup life support.

A story that changes its rules in mid-stride is not playing fair. And whether it's science fiction or not makes no difference. It's a myth that the underlying rules only matter in SF.

In Search of the Red Demon

If you write a story where Act II depends on the hero's car's gas tank getting shot full of holes in the middle of the desert, you don't have him suddenly jump into the car and drive off in Act IV. Okay, there have certainly been stories that have featured inconsistencies like that, but it's still a huge storytelling flaw, regardless of genre. Joined: Dec 27, Location: the real world.

The choice in this episode was whether to give the new life forms a chance to live. Thematically, it was Devil in the Dark except with creepy doppelgangers in lieu of little spheres and a big rock. I also think it very Trekkian and quite nice. The climactic shot of the new people was very cool.

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If I remember correctly, when Seven was near a pool of the silver blood there was scare music as if the pool was going to grab her. But they couldn't get the FX finished or it was too expensive or whatever. Or, not survival but revival. This list is in no order whatsoever and will not be maintained any longer at all.

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